Solfeggio Sound Healing Vocal CD


Well my latest solfeggio sound healing CD with channelled vocals has been quite a journey!

img_0278I found a studio in Bali but the drive was going to be around 2.5 hours/day as it was so far away.  I then asked the Universe, thanks but would love to have a studio far nearer to me so I arrive energised and ready to go and don’t wear myself out during the whole recording process.  One day I’m driving back from seeing a friend and I see a jewellery shop which catches my eye so I pull over.  Went in but there wasn’t anything in there that I liked so left.  As I come out of the shop, I see a sign for a studio and what particularly got me was the phone number.  It had not only 999 in it, but also 666!  For some, this number is greeted with fear, but then, what we’ve been told about this number by many is not the full picture.  It’s the number of the sun and a number hidden in the Last Supper painting by Da Vinci.  He knew all about the power of numbers!

img_0347So I go in and meet the owner of the studio, Agung and he shows me around.  Seems OK but when I leave, I’m not really sure it’s the right fit for me (didn’t like the name!), and as nice as Agung is, it’s near the road which could be an issue with sound from the passing traffic, so I asked the Universe “is this the best choice of studio for me?”  As I started to drive away, the car in front of me had the license plate 666 0n it!  “Wow, OK, Universe, I get it, thank you, I’m in!”  and so began my time recording with Agung.

Agung had chosen that telephone number with 666 in it, because he is in a death metal band and thought it would be a great choice.  And here am I coming in with a sound healing project at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum to his kind of music.  I wasn’t sure he was going to like it, but he really got into it!

img_0355What was also funny is that the computer crashed a few times, and it got stuck at a certain point in the importing process.  66% and 6 seconds.  Check out the numbers!!!  It’s amazing how these numbers follow me around!  They’ve even been found in the genetic code in our DNA by a mathematician and astrobiologist at the University of Kazakhstan.  More here.

So I combined sound healing instruments tuned to the Zobet (solfeggio) sound healing frequencies like crystal bowls, 528Hz wah wah, 396Hz and 528Hz solfeggio chimes, 528Hz tuning fork, 111Hz tuning fork and gong (one of the main difference tones between the frequencies), with live percussion like medicine drum, kanjira drum, with nature sounds (ocean, bird song and the Robin (symbolic of Christ consciousness) and of course channelled vocals by me!

I had my lovely friend Gaelyn Larrick do the photo shoot and prepare the artwork for the CD and wow what a great job she did!  Check her website here for more of her wonderfully-inspired and detailed work.

img_0356I invited some of my lovely musical sacred singing friends like Andrew Kraus, Vasu Dev, Lindsey Wise, Christina Wells and Syafril Firdaus to bring their loving energy to form a choir of voices tuned to 396Hz and 528Hz to feature on the tracks “On the Earth” and “The Key” which are specifically tuned to those frequencies.

BUT then we hit a massive obstacle.  After having completed two of the six tracks, 10 days’ recording, we were just starting on the next track and I checked the frequency for the crystal bowl using my tuner and it was about 60Hz more than it should have been.  When we checked, we found that the import settings on his computer were far higher than the audio we were importing, which meant that all the vocals recorded could not be used, because they were tuned to the higher frequencies so all those 10 days of recording were lost.  At that point, I was really disappointed and felt quite daunted at the idea of the challenge that lay ahead because we didn’t have much time left to record before I had to leave to go on a Biodynamic Breath training and then leave Bali.  I really wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish the whole album in time.  If my vision is to be conveying love, peace and harmony through this sound healing creation, getting stressed would be going in the complete opposite direction!

I had some lovely words of wisdom from my good friend Andrew Krauss, who is also a talented singer/musician who kindly supported me with male vocals for the sixth track “The Wedding Feast”.  He said “just take each day as it comes, and see what you manage to get accomplished, and if you don’t finish it, you don’t finish it.

solfeggio sound healingThe next day, we started all over again, and worked on the 2nd track “On the Earth,” which has a 396Hz crystal bowl as the foundation of the track, and is all about getting connected back to Nature, in our bodies and moving beyond all fear.  I called in all the indigenous tribal elders of my lineage, my guides and all my past tribal lives, to bring their potent energy into the recording, and they filled up the recording studio to overflowing and I have never sung like that in my life!  I was so grounded, so present and my voice was so deep and strong.   I drove home after and amazingly there was a massive grasshopper at the entrance to my place.  If anyone knows about grasshoppers, they will know that they signify leaps forward in consciousness and this was a big one!

All the rest of the tracks were at a whole other level, and whilst I was disappointed for the loss of the other recordings, in retrospect, I can see that it was so meant to be that way and the whole album came out as so much better than before!

solfeggio sound healingIt was great to also get in on the action and do some of the editing myself, as I knew what I was looking for in terms of sound and being quite a techno-babe, it felt really good to be getting my hands on the recordings and moving things around until everything felt right.

The last track was “The Wedding Feast” and Andrew and I had a really beautiful flow in the studio with our singing.  When it came to choosing which vocals to go with, we magically found that the best takes weaved perfectly in and out of each other, and Agung set up the microphones so we could sing at the same time, to create the kind of heartfelt loving energy I envisioned that would be present at a celebration of the marriage of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  We had a lot of fun and you can see for yourself in the short video below of one of the takes how we interacted in the studio.

So my deep gratitude goes out to Agung for his producer skills and percussion playing, and his banana chocolates and all those singers and musicians who gave of their time to make this sound healing vision a reality.  I hope you all enjoy it.  To listen to all the samples and for more of the artwork, please go here or to buy, see below.

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