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Have you got your copy yet?

Have you got your personal copy of The Unity Codes yet? Having a bad day?  Not sleeping well?  Feeling stressed?  The frequencies I can help! How would it be if you could download something instantly, import it into iTunes, either sync it to your phone or just drink a glass of water, add headphones, lie [...]

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Well for those of you who are concerned about the tragedy that's occurred in Japan at Fukushima, you might like to read the pdf attached below and a link to the world's worst nuclear disasters here!  How long is it going to take before humanity realises that a bit like a scorpion who will sting [...]

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My take on 2012 – Radio Interview

I had an interesting synchronicity meeting Carl Munson of from Exeter down at my local healthfood store this week in Kingston upon Thames and we had a quick chat about 2012. 2012 means many different things to many different people. There is, however, a growing sense that it's not only the London Olympics that [...]

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