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It is such an honour to bring the potent rebalancing effects of sound healing to support the great work of Key 4 Life.  This charity, located both in Somerset, UK and London, is headed up by Eva Hamilton and its patron is Bob Geldof.  It has been set up to support the rehabilitation of young offenders coming out of prison, back into the world, who are mentored, given experiences with horses to learn about themselves & develop their confidence, sport and other activities in nature, and assisted to get jobs etc.

Key 4 Life TrainingIn October 2016, I showed their team how they can use the power of 111Hz, 136.1Hz and Schumann tuning forks and solfeggio sound healing chimes (396Hz and 528Hz).  I went into the science, physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual benefits of all these sound healing frequencies, and how they can assist them in their daily work to de-stress, rebalance their energy, clear pain from headaches, relax muscle tension in their shoulders from sitting at a computer, clear out cumulative effects of electromagnetic radiation from the technology they use (e.g. mobile phones, computers, wifi etc),  help them ground etc.

This is a pilot scheme for the charity and if all goes well, the sound healing tools will go on to share their gifts with the young offenders themselves, taking the power of sound healing into the prisons, to not only benefit the inmates, but also the prison staff too.  Stay tuned.  More coming soon!

To order your own tuning forks in any of these frequencies, please go here

and to order the solfeggio chimes, please go here.

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