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What if you could take the harmonising effects of the frequencies and feel like you’ve just relaxed your head and shoulders (Energetic Massage) or your whole body? or helped you deepen your breathing (Breathing) or maybe assist in you conceiving a child (Fertility) or having an awesome pregnancy and birth (Pregnancy) or to learn how to enjoy more sacred sexual pleasure (Self Pleasuring) or to easily de-stress you after a busy day (Stress Relief) etc.  Well now you can!

Eeshi-Ra Hart (formerly Ashera) and UniPhi with Sound are proud to announce the release of other solfeggio sound healing audio to help you reach your peak potential!


How would you like to have a massage anytime you were resting, where you only pay once and have it for the rest of your life?

Did you know that if you visualise doing sit-ups, your body doesn’t know the difference between visualised exercise and the real thing!!! This means that by simply visualising you’re having a massage or giving yourself a massage, you can actually feel like you’re receiving one!

Massage your body with the power of your mind!

Check out this sound healing audio and massage your body with the power of your mind!
Bliss out with a guided relaxation audio to massage either your head, neck & shoulders or your whole body or get both!!! Imagine being able to give yourself an energetic massage any time you liked and to only pay for it once! This audio will guide you through a process that will show you how to massage yourself energetically, leaving you more relaxed, energised and better prepared to face life’s daily challenges.

Audio 1 of 3 – Intro (FREE audio)
01 Energetic Massage Intro Full FREE Audio
Audio 2 of 3 – Head, neck & shoulders
02 Energetic Massage Head & Shoulders Sample Audio
Audio 3 of 3 – Full body massage
03 Energetic Massage Full Body Sample Audio

This audio series is ideal for starting or ending your day, travelling and boosting yourself during your lunchtime break. Perfect for a quick 20 minute tune in if that’s all the time you have or a longer 35 minute one.  A 20 minute head and shoulder guided audio to get deeply relaxed in just a short space of time.  Perfect for a quick tune in on the train or chilling in your lunch hour! There’s also a 35 minute full body massage audio too if you want to relax more deeply after work or getting off to sleep!  This is a pioneering collaboration with Adam Shaw of Walk Innovation.  He’s got a great upbeat and calming voice and is a good friend of mine!

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To find out more and to purchase, please go to my new domain here.