Get back to a more natural You!

Being vegetarian!Our bodies are designs of sheer genius and in order to work at peak performance they need to be treated in a natural way, doing what works for the body and giving it what it needs, so it can give you endless energy, joy-full in-house entertainment and a very long life, if you so choose.

The planet is shifting vibration and for us to shift easily with that transition, we can help our bodies by choosing lighter foods and returning to a more natural way of life.  Increasingly in our lives today, due to our hectic lifestyles, it is becoming more of a challenge to eat energising and healthy food, breathe clean air, drink pure water etc.

Maybe you’re suffering from poor sleep, a foggy head/poor concentration, bad digestion, bad breath, smelly underarms, constant colds/illness, low energy, stress etc and have been thinking of getting a health MOT?  Why wait any longer!  You know your body will love you for it!

A health coaching session or series of sessions can help:-

• Relieve stress & headaches etc
• Relieve joint conditions like rheumatism & arthritis
• Alleviate insomnia
• Boost your immune system
• Improve poor circulation
• Lymphatic & liver congestion e.g.  cellulite, obesity & help detoxify the body
• Relieve digestive problems e.g. I.B.S., indigestion, constipation etc
• Skin conditions e.g. eczema psoriasis, acne etc
• Respiratory problems e.g. asthma, coughs and colds
• Relief from menstrual cramps, PMT, cystitis etc

I’m sure many of you reading this would love a happy and health body every day and the ability to do anything you want to do, right? because one thing’s for sure when your body isn’t working at peak potential, then everything you want to accomplish that day, week, month goes out the window!

What gets covered in a health coaching session?

We look at:-

  • What you put in your body
  • What products you put on your body (in terms of products like shampoo, body lotion etc) and
  • What you have around your body (in terms of technology like mobile phones, wifi etc) can make all the difference to feeling lethargic, not eating well, stressed out or GREAT all the time, 24/7.  Yes ALL the time!!!
  • How toxic your body might be in a simple score-based toxicity test
  • Candida – A simple test you can do one morning to check if this is an ongoing issue for you

I offer different sessions depending on your choice of focus.

There are 6 types of session that are generally offered and the initial consultation can take between 90 minutes-2 hours with a further hour for the report to be created and sent to you so please indicate your focus at the time of booking.  Session options  include:-

1.   Alkalise and Energise
2.   Immunity and Nutrition
3.   Hydration and Water quality
4.   Rejuvenation and Detoxing Safely
5.   De-Stressing
6.   EMF (electro-magnetic radiation) impact on your body from technology e.g. mobiles, wifi etc

If you book all 6 sessions you get the sixth session absolutely FREE!

PRICE (via Skype) FIRST 15 minutes absolutely FREE
Thereafter £49.99/hour (Sessions vary 1-2 hours)
£49.99 deposit
required before your session.

To book your session NOW, please scroll down.

I also work with a team of scientists and we can now also offer you a simple yet very in-depth hair analysis test.  For more info on this and other tests available, please go here.

If you are based in either Australia or the UK, I can then can offer you suggestions on follow up sessions with a network of health professionals who have expertise in:-

  • detoxing safely using a planned detox/health plan designed especially for you and your body.
  • a blood microscopist (who can visit your home and give you a live blood analysis to see where your main areas of challenge might be),
  • colonic hydrotherapy
  • a radiation home check consultant who can visit your home and test if there are any hotspots in your house, together with best sleeping room (UK only)
  • a personal trainer/QiGong/Yoga coach
  • an amazing EFT consultant (Emotional Freedom Technique) getting great results with clients!! to help move through any anxiety/fear/limiting beliefs
  • and a wide variety of practitioners who offer massage/Bowen/the Atlas Profilax (for neck re-adjustment) etc to recommend to help the body get back in balance
  • plus my own sound healing recommendations for the best audio downloads suited to assist your journey right now

They will gently guide you in getting back your full energy, focus, fulfillment and a fun life!!!

So maybe it’s time for a detox or a de-stress massage, or a change in diet or lifestyle???

Let me be your guide in an easy and straightforward 1 hour-90 minute initial consultation to establish your challenges so you can help yourself make your goals of a happier, healthier YOU a reality!

To book your personalised session NOW, please see below. 

For some highly recommended detox products, please scroll down.

One thing that’s important to know is that there is no quick fix.  We’ve been living in a toxic society for many years and reclaiming our health needs persistence, because if you think about it, at what point in your life did you decide to start looking after your body? and what age are you now? so chances are you’ve had about 20 years of living a less healthy lifestyle and so that’s quite a bit of repairing to do!! All you need to do is commit to making certain important changes, be patient and as you start to get amazing results, you’ll be well on your way to a happier healthier YOU!

I look forward to empowering you to have an awesome, happier & healthier life and future!


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The Finchley Clinic

COLOSAN is my most favourite colon product in the world! and it will work for pretty much anyone, especially if you want to get quick results and we all like a quick fix don’t we!   It’s a blend of magnesium and oxygen.  It comes either in capsules (vegan/vegecaps) or as a powder and it’s a bit like a do-it-yourself colonic without the need to pay for an expensive colonic session and you can regulate the dose up or down if things are moving too fast for you.  You use it to liquefy the contents of your digestive system in order to clear out undigested faecal matter and believe me, most of us (unless you were brought up on a completely pure diet!!) have got extra padding around our bellies haven’t we?    Experts say we have between 6-12lbs of it!   It also always gives you enough time to get to the toilet!  This product floods your body with some much needed oxygen (especially if you live in a city area) and low oxygen increases your risk of creating cancer too.  Oxygen helps clear out anaerobic pathogens and rejuvenates you all at the same time!  Great if you’re overweight or want to reduce your wrinkles!  It’s a win, win.  Just remember you need to take a good probiotic afterwards as this helps replenish the healthy bacteria you need for good digestion and to support your immune system.  See below for links to the powder and the capsules.

Colosan PowderClick on this picture to order the powder.

Colosan Capsules

PROBIOTICS: Which probiotic to go for?, well Gaia’s got it going on and she’s here to help!  I used to recommend Primal Defense but recently found out it’s got magnesium stearate in it which can be quite damaging for your health in many ways so I now recommend either BioKult or Threelac or Fivelac or Optibac depending on what you want it for.  Biokult is a great probiotic as it doesn’t need to be refrigerated so it’s great for travel too and it’s the one I use when I’m teaching abroad!

Links are below:-

Bio-Kult 120 capsules

Bowel Calm

or get a combination of liquid oxygen and a probiotic instead

Fivelac & Oxygen Elements Max

and here’s a great article on how to treat candida/thrush, click here

and here are some great products to treat candida.

Article - Candida Treatment


Click here for a great vegan digestive enzyme that also digests the cellular wall of candida so it’s a great product to use alongside any other candida treatment you’re doing.
Veganzyme 120 capsules

Check out these amazing oxygen products that help flood the body with oxygen, giving you more energy, a clearer  mind, reducing wrinkles, boosting your immune system (helps with colds and flus which are really just the body’s way of detoxing – unless you had a flu jab!), help control candida, reduce viral/bacterial infections and more!  (N.B. Oxylift is a vegan formula).

Oxylift + Oxygen Elements Max + Aerobic Oxygen + Aerobic O7

Want to look 10 years younger, apparently this product does the trick!