Accessing our ecstasyI’m passionate about us freeing up energy in our bodies through the the power of sound, using the voice as a potent way of discharging the build up of suppressed energy in our body. We live in a society built on rules and most of us have been told that we need to be quiet, it’s not OK to express how you truly feel, anger is unacceptable, etc and often this leaves us with no option but to internalise our feelings which if left unresolved, can lead to depression, dis-empowerment, and illness.

When we free ourselves, we clear out the past, moving through our emotional landscape to a place of clarity when suddenly there is far more energy available to us and we feel lighter, freer, more authentic, more connected and grounded in our bodies and more peaceful and happy as a result.

I offer an empathic healing & sacred space with solfeggio sound healing frequencies that assist you in clearing out any energy that you’ve been holding onto and this then enables you to bring in a more light and a more energised way of being.

Rather than engaging with the detail of the story of what happened, when, how challenging it was, etc, we can ask your spiritual self and your body wisdom to guide us through the process, using the power of the voice, to release anything and everything you’re ready to clear from your body and surrounding energy field. Our voices are potent beyond measure and when we trust in that, it can really open up to being that joyful, playful child again. Beautifully back in the present moment, feeling, sensing and accessing our natural and ecstatic embodied way of being that is our birthright.

It can be a very liberating experience and you take yourself as deep as you want to go.

If you’re feeling the call to set yourself free in some way, I invite you to join me.

This session is also available via Skype, simply go to the Book a Session form below.

“The only way out is in”

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