two-horses2I’ve often said that if I wasn’t doing sound healing, maybe I would learn how to be a horse whisperer.  Last week, my friend Alex mentioned one of his family’s horses in Somerset had been rescued and he had been badly beaten by his previous owners.  I offered to bring my sound healing instruments and see if that might help during my brief visit to the family home.

I’ve not been trained in the art of horse whispering, but after watching Robert Redford’s movie “The Horse Whisperer”, I really got how important it is for any horse you work with, to know that you fully honour their boundaries – particularly their “no”.  It’s never sat comfortably with me the idea of “breaking” a horse in.  It’s there in the word, breaking the spirit of the horse and I do feel it in their spirit, that pain of having given up some of their free will and being dominated in that way.  Humans have a shocking capacity to seek to insensitively control other animals for their own benefit sometimes, without any consideration for that animal’s wellbeing.  No listening or sensing what that animal needs or is feeling or whether it wants to do what is being asked, or worse still reading the signs and forcing it to do whatever the human wants regardless.   I find it hard when I see others stroke animals with rough touch, not meeting the animal halfway in terms of what it might need, but instead smothering it with their own energy and going into funny voices when in fact all animals could instead be treated as sovereign beings and they are far more intelligent than many of us give them credit for.  My Australian friend Ash is an animal communicator and I will shortly share one of the communications he’s just had with a horse last week, and it was profound to say the least.  Horses are so intelligent and sensitive anyway, they are very clear indicators of whether you’re in a place of alignment or not.

So I arrived in the paddock where Nacho hangs out with his friend Murphy.  Nacho is the one I’ve come to work with and at 17.3, he’s no small horse!   I’d already connected with him earlier in the day at the stables while he was having new horseshoes put on and I empathically felt his sadness.  In fact, I found myself crying as I connected with him.

I came with no expectations of how it’s going to unfold, but simply with the intention of offering healing if he’s up for it.  Given that I really wanted to first and foremost set the space that I am honouring his “No”, I stay in the top part of the paddock and announce to him telepathically that I’ve come to offer myself in service to him if he’s interested.  I really want him to know that I’m honouring his space where others have not.  I feel he gets me.  I get out my 396Hz and 528Hz chimes which I call “my portable crystal bowls” which have been shown through independent research to have very strong energy fields for healing and start to play the 396Hz chime.  This solfeggio sound healing frequency can be very good for clearing tension, fear, trauma, stress from the past, and it’s also helpful at grounding us more deeply into the earth.  The radius of the Earth at the equator is 3,960 miles!

As I continue to play, Nacho and Murphy curious at what I’m doing, walk towards me.  I start grounding myself and keeping the flow of energy through my body as free as possible so that he can get a sense of how he can move energy through his body too.  After maybe 15 minutes, he seems to lose interest and starts to walk away.  I then chant a mantra for clearing fear and he turns as he listens to my voice.  I once again telepathically let him know that I’ve come here to help him shift on letting go of the past and it’s an opportunity for him if he wants to grab it.  Then, out of nowhere he suddenly opens his body, turns around, rears a little and shakes his body out.  I said “yes, that’s how you can move energy” and then I show him how he can shake his body to release, showing him with my voice too and he continues to move his body some more.

Then they both walk off down to the end of the paddock and it seems that he’s using the time to reach a point of integration with the sound which has gone on for about 35 minutes at this point, but am I right?  He may just have thought I’m some odd human standing in a field banging long pieces of metal!

So I once again telepathically communicate with him, saying if he’s complete with what I’m offering, that’s fine with me and I don’t follow him.  I then pick up the 528Hz chime and I start to play it staying where I am.  He’s busy playing with Murphy doing his own thing and seems to have lost interest.

528HzThe solfeggio sound healing frequency of 528Hz is all about bringing in fresh energy, once you’ve cleared out the past, and it helps bring light and healing into any part of the body, helping the heart tune into a more loving way of being, sending a reassuring message that we are loved in every minute and that love is our true nature, hence the reason why this 528Hz solfeggio sound frequency is called the Love Vibration.  In the Bible it is also the number code (gematria) for the words “The Key” or “the breaking forth of Light”.

After about 5 minutes, Nacho turns his head and looks at me.  I ask him telepathically if he still wants to continue or is he complete?  I take about 10 steps towards him continuing to play the chime and he takes about 10 steps towards me too.  We’re in this beautiful dance of tuning in, listening and hearing.  I sing a Tibetan heart mantra (Aum mani peme houng) tuning with that frequency to also communicate with him about opening to more love and light.  I take a few more steps as I feel both horses are starting to open to me again and I continue playing the chime and then Nacho releases using his voice and does a massive “neigh” and I mirror his voice doing my own “neigh”, albeit a smaller human version! sending that message that he can release using his own sound too.  I then notice that the two other horses in the nearby paddocks appear to be tuning in with what I’m doing and getting quite inquisitive and excited as they run up and down the boundary line of their enclosures.

solfeggio Zobet sound healing, sound healing frequencies, ascensionSo after using both those solfeggio sound healing frequencies, once the past has been cleared, and fresh energy that establishes more love and light in the body & energy field has been brought in, then the beautiful re-balancing and unifying energy of 111Hz can be used with a 111Hz tuning fork.  To get Nacho used to this deep vibration, I start to play it along the centre of his face, halfway between his muzzle (mouth) and his third 3rd eye (yintang point).   This solfeggio sound healing frequency can create quite a buzz in the bones/skeleton and can feel a bit ticklish so Nacho was maybe feeling that.   Bone conduction is the fastest way of giving sound to the body – almost 12 times faster than through air.  He then starts to move his head around and so I stop and I say to him that he needs to stay still if he really wants to feel it.  He continues to move his head around, so I stop playing it and turn towards Murphy who, at this point, is standing right next to us, and I strike the fork and place it on him at the same point.  He stays completely still, relaxing into this sound healing vibration, and his eyes start to slowly close as he lets go into that space.  Then suddenly out of nowhere Nacho bites me quite hard on the arm.  I take that as a sign he wants my attention and more than that, wants to perhaps experience the frequency again.  I say to him “well if you stay still, then I can play it as long as you like”.  He then remains still for the rest of the time as I place the fork at that midpoint between his muzzle and 3rd eye, finally moving to his 3rd eye which will be the most relaxing of all.  He relaxes into it, starts to deepen into the experience, with his eyes starting to close.  I set my intentions of helping him more deeply unify with himself, the Earth and Source/God by embodying those qualities in my body so that consciousness transmits to him and we complete forehead to forehead for a minute or so.   This is the foundation of how I teach my tuning fork training – unifying on all levels.  My online course is here.  I had tears in my eyes at this feeling of closeness with such a beautiful being.

As I walk back to the house, feeling so grateful for the opportunity to have had this profound healing experience with Nacho, which has also been quite healing for me, I notice one of the other horses/ponies Ajay standing in the bottom corner of his paddock watching me.  I don’t know how long he’s been standing there, maybe he saw the whole thing but he follows me up the paddock as I walk back towards the house.  He seems curious with the sound healing, so I introduce him to the 111Hz fork and he seems to enjoy it too.

Wow.  What a journey it’s been!  Do I feel it was helpful?  I hope so!  I think they both enjoyed it as I did.  Could this be the beginning of something?  Let’s see!!