The Divine In-spiration! of Alex Grey
The Divine In-spiration! of Alex Grey

Hi and welcome to my world ………

This is Ashera opening up her head and showing you what’s going on inside!

I’m a cosmic traveller through the Universe and I’m really into sound.

So many of us are walking around feeling disconnected, from either our loving, natural, chillled childlike selves or from each other, our bodies, the planet, the Universe and ultimately from God. We take on the trip from wherever we pick it up that we’re not loved, what a crazy programme to run and yet we do!

But it’s not enough to think we are One, although that’s a wonderful idea, which is of course true, we really want to feel it, because once we feel it, then we know it’s the truth about the reality we’re living in.

So how do we feel it?

Sacred sound with conscious loving intent I believe is one of the main gatekeepers to our return to God, to light, to the centre of a deep heartfelt, reassuring feeling that helps the whole vibration of the body sing as One, and therefore it helps it expand and enable that expansion to help you open to the unity within and without!

There are so many ways we can direct our consciousness to awaken to this Truth and my good friend Darren has encouraged me to write this blog so here I am!

Signing off for now…..

Till the next cosmic moment!

In Love and Truth