Body Sonics


For more on Body Sonics with video testimonials, click hereBody Sonics Class with Ashera

Healing your body with your voice.  Beginners welcome.

It’s not about singing.  It’s about making sound!

However your body expresses & unravels its story,
is perfect for your healing journey!

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“The Sonic Power Program”

Keys for Awakening

Online course coming soon

A fully comprehensive course that covers a wide variety of areas
(in relation to sound and its amazing power to help us unify on
all levels, together with other lifestyle changes recommended
to align us in preparation for ascension) is shortly to be available online.

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If you’d like a workshop in your area,
please email Ashera direct here
She is open to sharing this
important information wherever she is called!

 If you have a group of 10 or more interested, the organiser will receive
their place free (depending on location) in exchange for organising, marketing
and networking a 1 or 2 day workshop depending on how experiential people
want to be 
with sacred sound and the awesome power of their voice!.
For full details of topics covered see sample flyer here.

Come and learn the 10 exciting secrets of the ancients
to tuning your body in these changing times

Learn how you can fully align & enjoy a joyful path of awakening

Learn how you can personally maximise your energy

Learn how you can enjoy astonishing and everlasting health and peace!

At the end of the workshop,
participants will have a chance to experience
these de-light-full celestial codes in a sacred sound journey
with the crystal-clear purity of Zobet tuning forks
If you’re a sound healer come and take
your sound healing to the next level
or if you’re someone who’s fascinated
by the magic of sound to heal, come and join us.
(Beginners are most welcome
No previous experience is necessary)

“The workshops with Ashera gave me a comprehensive knowledge
of working with sound for healing, both in theory and practice,
as well as the wonderful opportunity to experience the
Zobet frequencies for the first time.
Ashera puts her heart and soul into her work.
She is also a mine of information on anything
which supports our healing and spiritual evolution.
Thank-you Ashera!”
– Christine D.

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For information on the Zobet frequencies that the solfeggio are sourced from, please click here.

I felt lighter and (experienced) a lighter energy
all over my body and in my head”
– Nikki M.

Da Vinci's vitruvian man

“It was a lovely feeling of vibration when the sound of the bowls
and my own voice merged”

It makes sense to now return to universal tunings
in order for us, as a species, to learn to walk
a path of harmony and help secure our future on the planet

“Emotion, tears just fell, combination of light, sounds and
my voice seemed to get to the essence of fear in a different way”

– Madhu P.

Ashera is open to sharing this
important information wherever she is called!

For more details or other workshop dates,
please email Ashera