NEXT TRAINING – 11-12 June or 17-18 June in Brixton (near the tube) – Date to be confirmed
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Would you like to:-

  • Help your clients deal with stress and feel deeply relaxed after just 1 hour?
  • Assist your clients with depression or anxiety so they feel uplifted afterwards?
  • Help your clients feel more balanced, energised & in tune with themselves?
  • Help your clients who suffer with insomnia have a more restful sleep?
  • Attract more clients by offering something truly unique in your sessions?
  • Achieve even better results with your clients so they can heal in a far deeper way?
  • Take your healing practice to a whole other level?
  • Work with the refined power of special frequencies that rebalance on all levels to encourage deep wellbeing, clarity and attunement & transformation for you and others?

Come and learn to heal with the sound healing frequencies of the Zobet (that the solfeggio sound healing frequencies are sourced from) with state-of-the-art healing technology that can make a real difference to someone’s life.

On this course you will learn:-

  • How to give a 1 hour tuning fork session
  • The 10 techniques used to clear, activate and harmonise your client’s energy
  • What are the Zobet (solfeggio sound healing) frequencies and why they are so important at this time for humanity
  • The full list of sound healing benefits they provide to your client and yourself
  • How to use the sound healing frequencies for pain relief & more!
  • The real science, maths and ancient wisdom about these sound healing frequencies that no other solfeggio tuning fork course teaches
  • The correct way of using the forks & how to prepare to maximise healing for your client
  • Their effect on the brain and body as evidenced by university study and as used in the medical world today
  • Why their effect is way beyond binaural beats most commonly used in most sound healing audio today
  • How using a different type of tuning fork can amplify the healing potential way beyond all other tuning forks
  • Why water is so vital before, during and after a session
  • The impact of radiation from technology on a healing space and how to minimise it
  • How you can create sacred space instantly, especially useful if you have to travel to your client
  • How to become a tuning fork yourself
  • Why giving a 3rd eye activation before you start is important and how to do it
  • How the forks give a second Third Eye activation throughout the session
  • How to clear stress & deepen the client’s experience with colour & visualisation
  • How to heal old injuries/car accidents, e.g. scar tissue, nerve damage, & more
  • How to align the chakras
  • How to activate & energise the client’s energy field/DNA & why that’s important
  • The fastest way of giving sound to the body
  • What major key helps energy move during a session
  • The most common energy blockage that no other courses are teaching
  • A sacred geometry technique for shifting blockages
  • How to anchor the healing in every cell & ground after
  • The importance of Earthing and how to do it for you and your client
  • How to clear your energy & your client’s after a session
  • What state-of-the-art healing technologies can be used to show the rebalancing energetic changes that occurred after the session – a great tool if your client is skeptical!

solfeggio sound healing, sound healing courses, tuning forks, 528Hz, 111Hz, 963Hz, 147HzWhat’s included:-

sound healing, solfeggio sound healing, Zobet sound healing courses, sound healing frequencies, 528Hz, tuning forksI aim to offer top quality training and give all participants a first-class experience of working with tuning forks for healing, transformation and awakening.  You will be taught how to reach a deeper level of self mastery in order to maximise the healing for yourself and others.

  • 14 hours of live demonstration and hands-on tuition of all the techniques required for a full 1 hour session
  • 60 page training manual
  • 3 pre-session audios to clear and ground your energy
  • The Unity Codes 1 hour sound healing audio (tuning forks & ocean) (or your choice of other audio if you already have that)
  • SPECIAL 50% DISCOUNT (£144) on the online video training series (£285 value) – watch at a time to suit you, anywhere, worldwide.  Review the training any time you like.  Full info here
  • Full email support (if you have further questions after the course)
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Full professional certification available (email Ashera for details)
  • FREE inclusion in practitioner online registry for first year (upon certification)
  • 10% training discount on tuning forks (order by 11 May 2017), Flower of Life table covers & encoders, chimes, wind chimes, other courses, energy field imaging and hair analysis technology.

“I have been in a place of joyful optimism and connection to Source ever since!
Appreciation and gratitude”
– Sue H. (Theta practitioner!

The live tuning fork practitioner course also includes SPECIAL discounts (10%) for:-
– Zobet tuning forks
– Flower of Life session table cover
– Flower of Life sound healing tool encoder
– Zobet chimes
– Zobet wind chimes
– Body Sonics practitioner courses, energy field imaging & hair analysis technology

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