Tuning Fork Practitioner Training

Tuning Fork Practitioner Video Course

Would you like to:-

  • Help your clients deal with stress and feel deeply relaxed after just 1 hour?
  • Assist your clients with depression or anxiety so they feel uplifted afterwards?
  • Help your clients feel more balanced, energised & in tune with themselves?
  • Help your clients who suffer with insomnia have a more restful sleep?
  • Attract more clients by offering something truly unique in your sessions?
  • Achieve even better results with your clients so they can heal in a far deeper way?
  • Take your healing practice to a whole other level?
  • Work with the refined power of special frequencies that rebalance on all levels to encourage deep wellbeing, clarity and attunement & transformation for you and others?

Come and learn to heal with the sound healing frequencies of the Zobet (that the solfeggio sound healing frequencies are sourced from) with state-of-the-art healing technology that can make a real difference to someone’s life.

Watch at a time to suit you.  Anywhere.  Worldwide.  No travel or accommodation costs.  Review the training whenever you like for no extra charge & just book a 1 hour Skype one-on-one with Ashera when you’re ready.  It’s that EASY!

Become one of a growing community of practitioners trained in this way of healing and rebalancing the body.  The first of its kind to be offered online, the course includes:-

  • Over 7 hours of slide presentations on 4 DVD’s
  • 2 hours of training videos (13 videos) (demonstrating the techniques, a full session & two post-session interviews)
  • 60 page training manual
  • 124 page slide presentation PDF
  • 3 pre-session audios (to prepare before a session)
  • 1 hour one-on-one with Ashera via Skype (to answer any questions)
  • 2 BONUS videos (with Ashera from a forthcoming sound healing documentary)
  • BONUS Sound Healing conference “Exploding the myths to find the magic” presentation PDF (September 2014)
  • BONUS Archaeo-Acoustics conference “Why 111Hz and why now?” presentation PDF (November 2015)
  • Full email support (if you have further questions before or after your Skype)
  • Certification available (see below for details)
  • Accreditation – I am currently applying to the Therapeutic Sound Association in the UK
  • Practitioner freebies (see below)
  • FREE inclusion in the UniPhi practitioner registry (upon certification)

“I can highly recommend Ashera’s courses, they are packed full of content and passion for her work”
– Jenny, Zobet tuning forks practitioner

Help clients like Liana below.

“Hugest thanks for the amazing sound therapy.  I was made a new man
and using the energy field imaging equipment, 
 the change was
one of the most significant I have witnessed in 15 years”

(of studying over 450 therapies) – Dr John Rogerson

Benefits to your clients may include:

  • Theta brainwave state – great for deep relaxation, insomnia, etc
  • Rebalances mentally (the brain) giving improved mental clarity, focus, more productive, and empowered
  • Rebalances emotionally – allowing old emotions & memories to be easily released, more intuitive, centred, loving and happy
  • Rebalances physically so they feel more energised & more in tune with their body (e.g. a healthier diet, deeper breathing, etc)
  • Stimulates endorphins so great for uplifting their mood & may be useful for pain relief, depression, addiction
  • Clearing fear/stress so they can feel more happy, in tune, and empowered.
  • Helps increase sensitivity to body sensation & great for sexual libido! (see Self Pleasuring sound healing audio)
  • Helps rebalance spiritually bringing more peace
  • Helps ground so great to de-stress and instead feel more peace & focus (More here)

On this course you will learn:-

  • How to give a 1 hour (approximately) tuning fork session (Full 1 hr 11 min demo session video included!)
  • The 10 techniques used (shown in 10 separate videos with slides where necessary)
  • What are the Zobet (solfeggio sound healing) frequencies and why they are so important at this time for humanity
  • The full list of sound healing benefits they provide to your client and yourself
  • How to use the sound healing frequencies for pain relief & more!
  • The real science, maths and ancient wisdom about these sound healing frequencies that no other solfeggio tuning fork course teaches
  • The correct way of using the forks & how to prepare to maximise healing for your client
  • Their effect on the brain and body as evidenced by university study and as used in the medical world today
  • Why their effect is way beyond binaural beats most commonly used in most sound healing audio today
  • How using a different type of tuning fork can amplify the healing potential way beyond all other tuning forks
  • The importance of Earthing and how to do it for you and your client
  • The impact of radiation from technology on a healing space and how to minimise it
  • How you can create sacred space instantly, especially useful if you have to travel to your client
  • How to become a tuning fork yourself
  • How to clear stress & deepen the client’s experience with colour & visualisation
  • How to heal old injuries/car accidents, e.g. scar tissue, nerve damage, & more
  • Why water is so vital before, during and after a session
  • Why giving a 3rd eye activation before you start is important and how to do it
  • How to align the chakras & open up the pranic energy field & why that’s important
  • The fastest way of giving sound to the body
  • What major key helps energy move during a session
  • The most common energy blockage that no other courses are teaching
  • How the forks give a second Third Eye activation throughout the session
  • A sacred geometry technique for shifting blockages
  • How to anchor the healing in every cell & ground after
  • How to clear your energy & your client’s after a session
  • What state-of-the-art healing technologies can be used to prove that the session was rebalancing in many ways, a great tool if your client is skeptical!

“Afterwards I felt centred, more connected to the Christ energy, lighter,
more positive with a deep sense of joy and peace.  

…. I feel strongly that everyone should experience this deep healing
at some point in their lives.  

Love & blessings and deep heartfelt gratitude to Ashera
for what was truly a life-changing session!”

– Emily D. (Reconnective practitioner)


Due to the UK now leaving the EU (Brexit) and the massive fall in the GB £ (pound) against the US dollar, since my supplier is in the USA, unfortunately my prices have now increased.  Thanks for your understanding.

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Sample videos here:-

YOUR PRACTITIONER FREEBIES  (all sent as downloads) include:-The-Holy-Grail-cvrActivate your Divine DNA Blueprint

a) DVD’s (Sent to you as video downloads)

Activate your Divine DNA Blueprint video (82 mins) teaches you the history, science and deep esoteric wisdom behind these sacred number codes.  Also includes two sound healing meditations with 396Hz & 528Hz crystal bowls for releasing fear from the kidneys.

The Holy Grail & Sound video (2hrs 53 mins) includes Ashera’s latest research showing the exciting link to the Holy Grail & Leumuria (pre-Atlantis) & how the Swastika is not what you might have been told!  This includes a 20 minute sound healing meditation with 396Hz and 528Hz crystal bowls and Ashera’s channelling voice.

GSSF coverGod’s Secret Sonic Formula video (90 mins) Video download(Gold package only) reveals the amazing discovery Ashera made in 2006 relating to the solfeggio and the research of German physicist Dr Peter Plichta.  Is there proof that a Creator exists?  Has it been secretly encoded in the Bible waiting for the right time to be revealed?

The King/Queen and the Land are One video (74 mins) (Gold package only) shares about the connection between our King/Queen/Divine Self/Christ Self and the Phi ratio as inspired by the work of gematria expert (ancient number code) Bonnie Gaunt.  Delve into the magical mathematics of the Earth and how that relates to us being full awakened/ascended in consciousness.

Full info on all the DVD’s here.

Double cover cropb) The Unity Codes (20 & 40 minute) highest quality sound healing audios (tuning forks & ocean) to attune and align you as an ongoing part of your journey, so you can open to receive insights, guidance & experience how these sound healing frequencies move through the body.

c) Solfeggio Sound Healing eBook (35 pages – with the latest exciting research as of June 2015) to deepen your insight into the many ways in which the forks can be used including a wide variety of intentions that can be held during sessions, how to harmonise with the voice, activate the light body, energising your food/water, clear the energy in your home/workplace, etc.

“I have been in a place of joyful optimism and connection to Source.
Appreciation and gratitude”
– Sue H. (Theta practitioner)

solfeggio sound healing courses, healing therapies, learn online, sound healing, 528HzThe Silver Package also includes SPECIAL practitioner discounts (10%) for:-
– Zobet tuning forks
– Flower of Life treatment table cover
– Flower of Life sound healing tool encoder
– Zobet chimes
– Zobet wind chimes
– Body Sonics practitioner training, energy field imaging & hair analysis technology

The Gold (Premium) practitioner package includes all the above PLUS:-
– An additional 2 hours one-on-one mentoring with Ashera via Skype
– An extra 164 mins in two DVD’s (as video downloads) (see above)
– The complete practitioner set of 18 tuning forks
– Flower of Life treatment table cover and tools encoder FREE!
– Gold practitioner discounts (15%) on state-of-the-art healing technology

The frequencies immediately helped me be more conscious of my breath…
I felt very relaxed, centered & my 3rd eye was buzzing too”

– Alex H. (Inversion therapist)

Become one of a growing community of practitioners trained in this profound way of healing and rebalancing the body.  Certification available via Skype.  Includes:-

– 1 hour oral exam
– 1 hour client session; &
– 5 (people) x 3 (sessions) case studies or 15 x 1 session (maximum 15 x A4 pages).
(Additional certification fee of £147 applies – see below)

Upon certification, you will also receive FREE inclusion in the Zobet tuning fork practitioner registry so potential clients can book sessions with you.

N.B. Please note that in order to do this training you will need to own or purchase either a set of 9 solfeggio or 18 Zobet tuning forks.  My supplier sells the highest quality available on the planet (available for sale on this website, see more here).  Price for 9 solfeggio forks with the Earthing fork in a velvet pouch is £365 + shipping less a 10% practitioner discount if you enrol.  Price for 18 is 699 + shipping less a 10% practitioner discount and if you do want the complete set you may like to purchase the GOLD package where you also receive a FREE Flower of Life sound healing tools encoder (more here) and treatment table cover (more herePLUS 2 hours more of personal mentoring with me!  (NB. Postage and packing from the US for up to 19 forks is $34.95.  If you live outside the US, please note a customs charge will be payable to your mail provider before receipt of your order).  Due to the UK now leaving the EU (Brexit) and the massive fall in the GB £ (pound) against the US dollar, since my supplier is in the USA, unfortunately my prices have now increased.  Thanks for your understanding.

To register your place, please purchase below.

Cancellation policy: Please note, that due to the fact that this is a downloadable video training series with many extras, no refunds are possible.

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