Would you like to learn how to bring the power of sound healing
into your life to benefit you, your friends and family?

Come join this fun 3 hour introductory tuning forks workshop

1-4 pm – Saturday 1 July 2017 @ Kapucia, 27 Lord Street, Liverpool, L2 9SA
(To book, please contact Kapucia direct here)
1-4 pm – Saturday 15 July 2017 – The Wonder Inn, 29 Shudehill, Manchester M4 2AF
(To book, please contact Stephanie on 07854 450482 or lifealchemytherapies@gmail.com)

You will learn:

  • What sound healing is
  • Where sound frequency is already used in the medical world today
  • What tuning forks do
  • The importance of preparing the healing space beforehand
  • The importance of focused intention
  • How to hold and strike them
  • What the difference is between unweighted and weighted forks
  • What the top 5 most useful frequencies are
  • How to use tuning forks in pairs
  • How to use tuning forks in the energy field
  • How to use tuning forks on the body
  • Contra-Indications: When to avoid using tuning forks for certain people
  • The importance of body posture
  • How to become a tuning fork yourself
  • How to clear your energy before and/or after a session
  • How to ground yourself before and you and your receiver after a session
  • How to apply all you’ve learnt in a partner session exchange

“I can highly recommend Eeshira’s courses, they are packed full of content and passion for her work”
– Jenny, Zobet tuning forks practitioner

No previous experience necessary.  Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a pen and bottle of water.

Course includes: Training manual, PLUS special discounts on website sound healing audios for your ongoing journey into the wonders of sound healing frequencies!

It is recommended to purchase your tuning forks before the course here or some will be available for sale at the course (the Activate your Light Body set or 111Hz weighted fork, both with free eBooks)  or from the website at a later date.

Please order at least 4 weeks in advance (i.e. by 1 June for Kapucia & 14 June for Manchester), to give time for your custom-made tuning forks to reach the UK from the USA and process through customs.  Custom charges may apply.  For more information, please email Ashera here.

I very much look forward to welcoming you then!

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