Come and learn the art of Equine Resonance and journey into the amazing qualities of
sound healing (Equine Sonics) and Equine Energetics & Bio-Mechanics
working with horses and learn a new tool to benefit all your client sessions

What you will learn on this practitioner training is:

  • How sound can heal you, the horse and your client
  • How to establish a deeper level of trust with horses
  • How to lead with your heart and not with your head
  • How to become fully in the flow of the horse as your teacher
  • How to increase your awareness and in-tuition
  • How to more deeply connect with yourself and horses
  • How to access the Physical-Structural-Emotional wellbeing of the horse
  • What points on the body can be used to enhance the horse’s performance and rebalance on all levels
  • The emotional connection to physical wellbeing
  • The power of invitation and how to listen more deeply
  • How to be more effective & harmonious in your sessions

So if you’d like to create even better outcomes in your sessions with clients, come and join us.

Date: To be confirmed

West Pennard, near Glastonbury
(Venue information emailed upon registration)

with group work with horses both days

Please bring warm clothing, suitable footwear for paddock work
and vegetarian food for a shared lunch

Limited space, book NOW below to reserve your space

Equine SonicsAshera Hart was born in Bristol and now lives in Bali most of the year.  She began her path as a singer and then qualified in many types of massage, subsequently training in Tuning Fork Therapy in 2005 (UK) and then Psycho-Acoustics (USA) in 2007 and has been working with the solfeggio frequencies since 2001.  She has had a deep love of animals all her life and has been offering animal healing for many years after her step-father died of cancer.  She struggles with the whole term “breaking a horse in” and feels this describes the arrogant way in which humans can seek to control horses instead of fostering a deep friendship.  She says “We have so much to learn from them, and we probably are learning more from them than the other way round!”.

Through her love of horses, she has experienced that sound healing can be very beneficial for them, especially if they have been abused or treated unlovingly.   She believes by having a fresh approach to loving and respecting ourselves, that we then can mirror that when working with them which builds trust, friendship and a far deeper connection with horses both emotionally and spiritually.  This then builds a safe container of love and respect which is perfect for co-creating transformation and healing.

Eva Bio 3_cropEva Gaeremynck was born in Belgium and is based in Pilton, Somerset, graduated as an osteopath in the year 2000, and specialises in the treatment of horses.   In her work she often comes across the negative impact of the way we traditionally treat and ride horses.  Eva pleads for a more conscious approach to horses, where humans enter into a partnership with the horse instead of a relationship of dominance. She challenges us to question everything we take for granted in the horse world, even the very act of riding horses.

Osteopathy is an alternative form of medicine. Its philosophy emphasizes the inter-relationship between the structures and the functions of the body. In osteopathy, physical techniques are used to remove tension and restrictions in the body in order to encourage structural and functional harmony.

In her search to incorporate the emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, she came across the use of tuning forks and met Ashera Hart. Now together on this path, with the horse as our teacher, and the vibrational medicine as the tool to connect, we can heal and grow.

By bringing together our knowledge, by searching and exploring together we can find better ways to establish a more harmonious relationship not only with horses, but with ourselves.

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