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Would you like to:

  • Help your clients deal with stress and feel deeply relaxed?
  • Assist clients who suffer from depression so they feel uplifted and energised instead?
  • Help clients who suffer with insomnia have far deeper sleep?
  • Help your clients feel more balanced, expanded, and more in tune?
  • Learn how to become a tuning fork practitioner with just 4/5 forks?
  • Learn a series of simple, yet profound techniques that can easily be used at expos, festivals and live events too?
  • Harness the power of what NASA gives their astronauts?
  • Know the benefits of important frequencies for humanity at this time?
  • Learn how these relate to our DNA, Da Vinci and the Earth?
  • Help your clients experience deeper connection with their body and the Earth?
  • Assist your clients shift out of their mind & experience more peace?
  • Help your clients clear the negative impact of electro-stress caused by devices?
  • Learn the best meridian points and energy centres for de-stressing, centering, grounding & uplifting?

In today’s Western world, it’s easy to get out of balance or overwhelmed by the stresses of a busy lifestyle, or technology that can negatively impact us, that may interfere with our body’s energy levels.  This can mean we get tired more easily, struggling to get through the day and need to perk ourselves up with cups of coffee; or maybe we get too affected by other people’s emotional states, or get ungrounded, thinking too much, which can lead to us being out of touch with our bodies, forgetting to drink when we’re thirsty, or eating food that isn’t what our body actually wants.  In a society that encourages us to always be at our best, we may then just push down that stress and upset emotions and just keep going, and when this is left undealt with or unexpressed, this can often lead to dis-ease later on.

Come and learn a simple, yet profound tuning fork technique with just 4 or 5 tuning forks. Great for rebalancing, energising, uplifting, and earthing. Give Sonic Bliss to your clients!   Online version available early 2018.

“I can highly recommend Eeshira’s courses, they are packed full of content and passion for her work”
– Jenny, Zobet tuning forks practitioner

Recent research shows a major link to the lack of grounding, (more recently called “Earthing”) and inflammation in the body and according to Clinton Ober co-author of “Earthing”, 85% of dis-ease is linked to inflammation.  Dr Neil Cherry has also shown through his research the effect particularly of mobile phones on our body’s connection with the Earth.

Earthing has many benefits that include things like the ability to discharge the buildup of electro-magnetic frequencies from the devices we use, and re-energise through our feet, but often in the city we don’t either find the time or it’s hard to find a patch of green in the concrete jungle.

Can it really be that simple to take our shoes off and have a walk on the beach or in our nearby park or garden?  Well yes and no.

With sound healing, there is a great choice of frequencies that can be given to the body using tuning forks, that can assist the busy urban person get more in tune on every level.

Training includes:

  • Full practitioner manual
  • BONUS PDF’s (“Why 111Hz and why now?” and “Explode the Myths to find the Magic”)
  • You will learn 3 types of session: 20 minute, and 30 minute taster sessions and 1 hour full session
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • FREE sessions on the Omnium 1 PEMF mat from Swiss Bionic (that NASA technology I was talking about!) so you can feel what it feels like to be deeply connected and tuned in with the frequencies of the Earth!

Optional Extras:

  • Set of Earthing practitioner tuning forks see below (Order your custom-made forks no later than 4 weeks before your training date)
  • Tuning fork leg activator – (Must be ordered 1 month before training date) – order by putting “Leg Activator” in the subject line here

With sound healing, there are a great choice of frequencies that can be given to the body using tuning forks, that can help the busy urban person, get more in tune on every level.

Benefits from an Earthing tuning forks session may include:-

  • Deep relaxation/more peace-full mind to aid deeper sleep
  • Great for muscle tension
  • Brain hemispheric rebalancing
  • Increased energy flow in your body
  • Deeper levels of centeredness and grounding
  • Deeper connection & being more in tune with your body wisdom e.g. food, water etc
  • Great for stress, or anxiety
  • Uplifting your mood
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improved circulation
  • Spiritual attunement and accessing deeper states of unity
  • A deeper feeling of bliss in your body, especially when combined with your healing intention!

IMPORTANT: To get your Earthing Practitioner set of tuning forks, please order at least 4 weeks prior to your training date to be sure of receiving them in good time.

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