Wifi and Technology Tips

I have just been posting on a thread on Facebook where people are talking about feeling really tired and I've mentioned about the physical & energetic challenge of wi-fi, mobiles etc so thought my readers here would also appreciate having these tips too! Ok so as many of you know, I've been working with the [...]

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The Flower of Life and Sound

Many people are talking about this symbol and some saying it's not an important symbol and even going so far to say that it's limiting us in some way. For them to be right, it would mean that the very division of our cells at the point of conception and how nature duplicates itself in [...]

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The Shekinah Transmissions

Solfeggio Sound Healing Vocal CD Well my latest solfeggio sound healing CD with channelled vocals has been quite a journey! I found a studio in Bali but the drive was going to be around 2.5 hours/day as it was so far away.  I then asked the Universe, thanks but would love to have a [...]

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