What is Harmonic Heart Yoga?

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This was pioneered in 2010 by Eeshi-Ra (previously Ashera) and Andrea Tteja (see www.infin8space.com for more info on Andrea and her amazing Nature’s Rhythm yoga) is a new and innovative type of yoga which incorporates the use of the sacred sonic codes of the Zobet (solfeggio) together with the power of your own voice whilst practicing yoga to help take the body to a deeper level of unification within, by clearing stress from the body and more deeply grounding and also tuning into a more loving way of being and honouring your body. The frequencies of the Zobet correspond to the mathematics of creation and are a direct way of helping the body and your whole being align on all levels and they also help the body bring in a higher vibration particularly in preparation for the shift currently happening on the planet.

Benefits – Harmonic Heart Yoga may help you to:-

  • Rebalance the four elements in your body (Water, Fire, Air & Earth)
  • Rebalance you on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level (e.g. tunes you into a healthier diet, deeper breathing, better relationships, empowering etc)
  • Harmonise/clear stuck energy in your body
  • More deeply relax (Theta brainwave state)
  • Balances both sides of the brain (back to a more feeling/human mode)
  • Harmonise/ground any stress-related energy/tension
  • Creating a more radiant body
  • Rebalance & revitalise your body at a cellular/DNA level
  • Heal the past
  • Awaken your heart to  more love and compassion for yourself & others
  • Deepen your spiritual connection through activating your pineal/3rd eye
  • Work with sacred symbology to enhance and deepen your process
  • Create a more peace-full mind so you can be more present to the joy of life
  • Increase your internal flow of energy
  • Increase your natural in-tuition
  • Endorphin release (great for pain relief, depression, addiction & insomnia)

and in short helps to tune you into your PEAK POTENTIAL!!!

We have taught at various festivals/events e.g. Santosa Yoga Retreat, Festival of Life and also done demo classes e.g. Sweaty Betty in Kingston, UK with some having quite a profound yogic experience whilst others had just happy peaceful faces at the end so that was a great result!  If you’d like to come and check this exciting new type of yoga please email Andrea Tteja (andrea @ infin8space.com) for upcoming classes.