Ashera has had a passion for singing most of her life, from singing in the choir at school to training in opera, then singing in the jazz clubs in London, then moving into pop, world music, folk, acoustic, trance, ambient and finally singing with a more spiritual focus.  As a singer she really appreciates how music is a powerful thing.  It brings people together, uplifts them, inspires them to dance and sing and can often leave them feeling lighter than before.

Ashera got inspired to get into sound healing in the 1990’s, studying the healing power of sound and the voice with experts such as Jonathan Goldman, Chloe Goodchild, Chris James, Karina Schelde, John Beaulieu, etc.  In 2000, she asked a question to the Universe to see if there was a sound or series of sounds that can be given to the human body to help us rebalance and get more in tune.  Whilst recording her debut CD (“In our Mother’s Tongue”) in 2001, she received a dream that was the answer to her call.  It explained about the importance of Ra maths (the codes of nature and the human body) and shortly after that, she met Randy Masters who is a musician, speaker, sound healing practitioner, sacred maths and geometry expert.   Randy introduced her to the sound healing frequencies of the Zobet (where the solfeggio are sourced from) that interestingly embody Ra maths (Pi and Phi) and are very valuable tools to help our bodies get more in tune.  From that destined moment, Randy has been her mentor and a guiding light in her world ever since!

Regarded by one marketing guru as being in the top 6% of sound healing experts in the world, Ashera has over 29 years’ experience in the music world as a singer and has subsequently trained in Tuning Fork therapy with Kinesiology at the Institute of Cyberkinetics, Croydon, UK and Psycho-Acoustics at the Globe Sound & Consciousness Institute), San Francisco, USA (Psycho-Acoustics – the scientific aspect of sound healing).  Ashera is also qualified in various types of bodywork (Holistic, Sports, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Injury Prevention Massage and Indian Head Massage).  For further info on Sound Healing click here, for Massage click here & for Health Coaching click here.

phi ratio,Zobet,solfeggio,2012,ascension,healing codesIn 2009, Ashera founded Sonic Research International which is now UniPhi with Sound and this is dedicated to both scientific and spiritual research and teaching regarding the divine mathematics of the Zobet (solfeggio sound healing) and other related subjects.  The role of these frequencies is to help humanity at a time of intense planetary crisis and help us tune into ourselves and our planet and align more deeply to hopefully make better choices!

Ashera is currently one of the teachers of the Globe Sound & Consciousness Institute in San Francisco teaching students online.   More recently she presented “Explodes the Myths of the Solfeggio to find the Magic” at the Globe Sound Healing conference in California in September 2014 which is shortly to be available on DVD via video download.  She also presented “Why 111Hz and why now?” at the Archaeo Acoustics II conference in November 2015 in Istanbul.

Ashera offers sound healing mentoring for both individuals and sound healing practitioners/workshop facilitators who have an interest in healing the body using the voice (Body Sonics) and frequencies that can easily facilitate that.  For more info, please go here.  She has also launched her Tuning Fork Practitioner Online Training, for more click here.  She also offers a wide variety of sessions, some available via Skype.  More here.

Ashera’s sound healing work seeks to move beyond old paradigms and harness the profound potency of the frequencies of the Zobet  that can help us tune you in on every level because they are based on the Blueprint of the Universe.  Her discovery is revealed in Jason O’Hara’s book “The Blueprint of Creation” (available on Amazon as a Kindle download here).   Drawing on her experience as a singer, empath, breath facilitator, ceremonial dancer and bodyworker, she emphasises the power of sound with intention to free your mind, body and spirit!  

“We live in a very dissonant world which has become very disconnected with Nature. It’s all very simple really, and we’ve made life far too complicated.  We’ve been in our heads instead of in our bodies and our hearts. We need to heal this separation and feel our connection again with the Earth, ourselves and each other in order to ensure our survival and harmonising your body with sound is a beautiful way to feel it”.

sound healing, solfeggio sound healing, Zobet sound healing, sound healing frequencies, 528Hz, tuning forksIn October 2011, Ashera co-founded (with sound healing producer Fabio Garces) a group sound healing journey called Sonic Enchantment which has since its inception in the UK, now travelled to the US, Australia and now Bali delighting journeyers everywhere.  This sound healing journey now continues with the name Sonic Enchantment in the UK and for all other sound journeys offered outside the UK by Ashera, they are now called The Frequency Shift.  More info here.

In 2014, Ashera and Eve Glimma (Australia) co-founded a new sexual healing modality called Sex Sonics that opens up the energy channels of the body through tuning forks and sounding.  It particularly relates to opening up the throat and the central channel that connects the throat to the genitals.  In a Sex Sonics bodywork session, we use tuning forks on specific meridian points for different sexual issues.  More info here.

Ashera has collaborated with Andrea Tteja of Nature’s Rhythms Yoga (UK) to create UniPhi Yoga which is a wonderful way of combining the use of the sacred sounds of the Zobet (solfeggio) and the power of your voice to deepen your yoga practice.  For more info, click here.

sound healing, solfeggio sound healing, Zobet sound healing, sound healing frequencies, 528Hz, tuning forksAshera has also collaborated with Wild Medicine to produce a range of sonic essences combining the sacred waters of the Chalice Well and White Spring from Glastonbury (UK) and the frequencies of the Zobet made at sacred sites such as Glastonbury Abbey and Stonehenge.  More info here.

Ashera has been channeling or ‘soul messaging‘ for many years now and her debut album, “In our Mother’s Tongue”, harnesses the 20 years of sound-healing research by Fabien Maman which seeks to harmonise you, the listener, with the five elements of the body and to reconnect you to the Earth. It also has the Pi harmonic ratio added by a new invention called the Pyramid or Ra Processor.  Click here for more info on that sound healing CD and here for more info on the Ra Processor.

sound healing, solfeggio sound healing, Zobet sound healing courses, sound healing frequencies, 528Hz, tuning forksAshera has created her second sound healing CD, “The Unity Codes” featuring the deeply rebalancing frequencies of Zobet tuning forks, together with the wonderfully-calming sounds of nature (gentle ocean waves).  Her intention was to as closely as possible re-create how a tuning fork session is given.  Ashera has also collaborated with many other healing experts to create a series of sound healing audio downloads featuring these Zobet frequencies combined with a guided practice with different focuses.   Titles include:-
– Breathing
– Stress Relief
– Energetic Massage (massaging your body with the power of your mind)
– Fertility (4 audio series)
– Pregnancy (5 audio series) and
– Self Pleasuring.  For more info on all these sound healing audios, click on individual titles or for the full range, click here.

Other music projects include
(most recent first, click on song title to listen/most recent first):-

528Hz, sound healing courses, tuning forks– Recording artist/vocalist for “The Space Between” and “Earthsong” by Nicholas Payne (Australia)
– Recording artist/vocalist for “Sounds Embracing the Silence” by Sean McVitty (Australia)
– Recording artist/vocalist for “Chant 2012 Sacred Electra mix” by Youth (Killing Joke, UK) listen here
– Recording artist for electronic breakbeat band “Precision Cuts” (UK)
– Recording artist/vocalist for Ekphorize’s “The Things We Say to Bleed”
– Recording artist/vocalist for “Sirene”, ‘Time Strings” and “Contact” (Tracks 4, 5 & 6) on Anahata’s ‘Doors to Avalon’ (Changing Worlds/Ambient music).  Click here to listen to the whole album.
– Recording artist in collaboration with Emil Herceg (Anahata) as electronic dance music band Electronic Fairies.
– Recording artist/vocalist for “Libera” on Chris Michell’s ‘The Dolphin Song’ (Oreade/New Age music). To listen click below  
– Recording artist/vocalist on Star Children’s ‘Sacred Reunion‘ for Return to the Source’s ‘Sacred Sites’ (Positiva/Ambient).  This track then became the music for the Earthdance Prayer for Peace, see below.
– Original voice on the Earthdance “Prayer for Peace” global meditation track by Alex Newman recorded in Glastonbury, UK.  You can listen to it here.  See me at Earthdance in 2007 in the UK focusing the Prayer here.
– Recording artist/vocalist on Avatara’s ‘Shaddah el Chai‘ for Return to the Source’s ‘Chakra Journey’ (Volume/Trance & Ambient)
– Recording artist/vocalist with Aviva, Darren Sangita and others in cosmic band ‘The Flame’
– Recording artist/vocalist on David Eastoe’s ‘Pele’ on his ‘Goddess’ album
– Recording artist/vocalist in collaboration with Charlie Bishop as electronic dance music band Elation.  A sample track called “Lotus” is below. Lotus
– Vocal performer/recording artist with ‘Emerging Journey’- Celtic acoustic band with guitar, didgeridoo, flute and percussion
– Songwriter/vocalist with band ‘Vibes’- multi-percussion with keyboard – Gigs included London’s Jazz Café, The Rock Garden and Singers, London.
– Recording artist/vocalist for Neutron 9000’s ‘Cybersculpture‘ on ‘The Greenhouse Effect’.
– Recording artist for Profile’s (Polygram) video of Ashera’s song ‘The Beautiful Time”.

Peace is possible!Other projects include:-

Earthdance International – International Event Coordinator (1997-2001) for this global peace event and voice of the original “Prayer for Peace” which is the globally-synchronised meditation track that is played by every DJ in every location across the planet at the same time.  United as One we Dance!

Hiroshima Peace Dome – Founder of the Good Vibrations collective that then became the Hiroshima Peace Dome which offers a sacred meditation space hosting the flame that was lit from the fires after the atom bomb landed on Hiroshima  (6 August 1945) and has been burning as a symbol of hope and peace ever since.  The Peace Dome has featured at many festivals, including Glastonbury, the Big Green Gathering, Sunrise, and many more!

Synergy Project, Luminopolis and Essense club events (UK) – Sacred space co-ordinator

And if you’d like to get in touch, please email Ashera by clicking here.