monalisagoldThe 528Hz solfeggio sound healing frequency: If we look at gematria which is the ancient study of numbers taken from the words “Geo” for Earth and metria for measure or geometry, we will find that phrases such as “The breaking forth of Light” add up to 528, “the Key”, “the Dawn”, “the day of his coming” and interestingly the solfeggio and the wider number set of the Zobet (18 frequencies which are part of a bigger number set again of 55 numbers – See Judy Lynne Cole’s research on Facebook) is also directly connected to the number codes for Jesus and Lord Jesus Christ and the Phi ratio. When I refer to Jesus, I’m not preaching from the Bible here, but am referring to the awakening of the divine self within all of us, since I believe that the second coming is all of us because we are One global family and connected always. Could 528Hz be the Key to our awakening? For those not familiar with the Phi ratio, this is the code found in nature, (think of the spiral in the seashell) and it’s also found in our human body, in the proportions of our face, bones right down to the DNA. This is why the Mona Lisa as so famous because she was perfectly in proportion and Da Vinci made a point of it being accurate because he encoded his art with this code all the time. In fact any good artist will have to work with the Golden Mean or Phi ratio when painting in order for it to be an accurate resemblance of the human body. Since these frequencies speak to our DNA, this is why they are so useful for us because they can speak to our body at a very deep level. Could they be turning on the 97% so-called junk DNA scientists believe has no function?