I’ve had the privilege of working with a client who is choosing to heal her cancer naturally and has been experiencing quite intense pain in her body. She has just completed my Body Sonics programme which is either 3, 6 or 9 sessions where I show my clients how to use specific frequencies for healing with their voice and sound. Her third session was working with 111hz and this is what she messaged me after. “Thank you so much Ashera,,…. I am feeling so good after our session, most of the pain in my body has lifted. Thank you again…. such a relief to be experiencing such reduction in pain levels x” . 111hz has been shown by Dr Peter Guy Manners work and also Russian research to stimulate beta endorphins which means it can be good for pain with many other benefits eg may be good for insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, learning difficulties, autism, ADHD etc.

In 1983, Pete Townshend from the band The Who also recovered from heroin addiction using 111Hz with a therapy called NET pioneered by a Scottish doctor called Dr Meg Patterson.  More info here.  What a beautiful way of non-invasively, and safely supporting the body in a healthy recovery!

Do you know someone suffering needlessly who could be helped with sound instead?  As my dear ceremonial didgeridoo player friend Gary Thomas once said back in 1991, sound really is becoming the ancient future healer!! More on Body Sonics, also available via Skype, here and get your 111Hz tuning fork and others here.  Comes with a FREE eBook too!

If you want a sound healing audio with that frequency and with other deeply relaxing and rebalancing ones in it, go here.

(111Hz cymatics image courtesy of Ben Jansen of www.CymaticGateway.com)
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